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  • Hot YouTube shortcuts

    Hot YouTube shortcuts JUMP THROUGH VIDEO CONTROLS The Tab key allows the user to jump from section to section in video controls in the following order: Play / pause button: Resolution Seek bar: Pop-up video Volume: Expand YouTube Player Seek bar Keyboard Shortcuts (To make these shortcuts work the seek bar should be highlighted) Left […]

  • Over 100 useful run command

    Start a program by using the Run command Using the Run command is a quick way to open programs, files, folders, and—when you’re connected to the Internet—websites. If you’re not using the Start menu in Classic view, the Search box on the Start menu can also be used in place of the Run command. Click […]

  • Avoiding Malware Infections

    Avoiding Malware Infections This article is for the many people who want to know what the minimum is they should do to keep their PC from getting infected and feel safe. First of all, realize that NO anti-malware program gives complete protection. This is especially true when users get fooled into clicking a box that […]


    GOOGLE TRICKS TO HELP YOU SEARCH SMARTER Google is getting more and more intelligent with each update, allowing us to find answers to basic questions without clicking through to another page. Hard-to-find information, on the other hand, still requires a bit of extra work. Let’s take a look at a few Google tricks to help […]

  • How to Protect Email from Spam

    How to Protect Email from Spam The following methods can be used to combat email spam: 1. Use spam filters for your email account. If you‘re using email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. then spam filters are used by default. Each Spam filter has it‘s algorithm to detect spam emails and will automatically move […]

  • COMMON PORTS (TCP/UDP Port Numbers)

    COMMON PORTS In computer networking, a port number is part of the addressing information used to identify the senders and receivers of messages; it is an application-specific or process-specific software construct serving as a communications endpoint in a computer’s host operating system. The purpose of ports is to uniquely identify different applications or processes running […]

  • YouTube Channels Each IT Expert Must Know

    YouTube Channels For IT professionals Everything About IT Certifications YouTube Channels Each IT Expert Must Know I love social media. Thanks to platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter I have access to news about new technologies or certifications. For IT professionals like you or me, there is something else – YouTube. Yes, YouTube. Some people use […]

  • Over 300Live CDs and there Purposes

    Over 300Live CDs and there Purposes Live CD is entire operating systems on a CD which you can use boot your computer regardless of what software problems your computer might have. If your computer doesn’t respond to booting or it’s displaying an error message, then you can get your computer to start up from a […]

  • Hiren’s BootCD (Ultimate CD)

    Hiren’s BootCD Hiren’s BootCD is an ultimate solution to almost all your computer problems.Hiren Boot CD (HBCD) is a completely free bootable CD that contains a load of useful tools that you can make use of when in a variety of situations like analyzing, recovering and fixing your computer even if the primary operating system […]

  • 70 of the Most Useful Websites on the Internet

    70 of the Most Useful Websites on the Internet 1. netflixroulette.net — Find something random to watch on Netflix. 2. pintsinthesun.co.uk — Find somewhere to drink a pint in the sun. 3. gfycatcom — Upload your gifs. 4. youconvertitcom — Convert documents. 5. ninite.com — Download all the free software you want at the same […]